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the studio collection

Most South African kitchen designers often look to their European counterparts for furniture and kitchen trends.

With Europe being the forefront of kitchen and furniture design, every year, hordes of South African interior architects and members of the kitchen fraternity descend upon kitchen and furniture exhibitions throughout the continent to discover the latest trends, all with the hope of reproducing them locally.

However for local kitchen designers, trying to source these exciting new materials that they had been treated to at the European exhibitions, is almost impossible. It is either economically unviable, or local manufacturers simply do not have the expertise required to produce the more complex high end finishes. Because of this, their vision of bringing these trendsetting designs with the appropriate materials to our shores is rarely realised.

This has led to local kitchen designers and interior professionals having no choice but to specify and produce the same types of finishes, wrapped up in different guises, year after year.

While the commonly available finishes do appeal to some, experience has taught us that the discerning homeowner is looking for something more: access to innovative and interesting finishes and the real freedom of choice.

The Studio Collection offers exactly that.